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anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions

anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions

By all means you can call me stupid, but I really don’t celebrate most anniversaries, birthdays or other special occasions. I strongly believe I am going to have a good day every day.  I don’t celebrate but most of the time  I do remember the dates. I just don’t want any fuss.

But if someone doesn’t remember I will NOT send any reminders.

But don’t get me wrong, I always love going to birthday parties. It’s all about food and drinks, why not?

What I am saying is, everyone should have a freedom of choice and people should respect each other.

The world is beautiful and there are more than just the rainbow colours. When working with food, more so I understand that individuals prefer different flavours, textures and spices.

I will always do my best to accommodate people’s need. Just to let you know.

Please remember no food is ever rubbish. It really depends on the ingredients and how it is done. I always say I don’t eat lamb, but if you have cooked it right then I would eat it.

My profound favourite British food is fish and chips, but I also love the Sunday roast. There are so many foods that I would love to eat if they were presented correctly.

Fish and chips Sunday lunch. The sweet potato fries on the left were burnt, we enquired with the staff, he said they were normally served like that, but he was kind enough to check with the kitchen and got us a portion of unusual unburnt fries.

Please tell me if you prefer the normal ones over to the unusual ones.

As the book “THE SUNDAY LUNCH CLUB” has put it this way: Memories are made one meal at a time

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