Month: November 2018

Honey soya sauce roast chicken

Honey soya sauce roast chicken

INGREDIENTS Serves 2-3 1 kg whole chicken Salt and pepper to taste 2 tablespoons cooking wine 1 tablespoon soya sauce 2 teaspoons of honey Method 1. Preheat oven to 200C 2. Place the chicken in a roasting tin and season generously inside and out with […]

Nian gao 年糕  Chinese New Year’s cake

Nian gao 年糕 Chinese New Year’s cake

黑糖薑蓉椰汁年糕 Nian Gao with dark brown sugar, ginger and coconut milk. So this is VEGAN! I use two foil containers ( 115x140x40mm) INGREDIENTS Glutinous rice flour 260g Rice flour 60g Dark brown sugar 150g Pinch of sea salt Coconut milk 400ml Vegetable oil 15ml Minced […]

Chestnut swiss roll 栗子瑞士卷

Chestnut swiss roll 栗子瑞士卷

For the swiss roll sponge:

1. Plain flour 57g
2. Cocoa powder 27g
3. Sugar 85g
4. Large eggs 5

Chestnut filling:

1. Chestnut purée 200g
2. Sugar 25g
3. Double cream 120g
4. Vodka vanilla 15ml


1. Preheat oven to 160C
2. Place a sheet of greaseproof paper in a swiss roll tin(13″ x 9″)
3. Whisk the eggs and sugar for approx. 8 minutes until ribbon consistency
4. Sift the cocoa powder and flour into the mixture, fold it in lightly.
5. Pour the mixture in the tin and bake for 15-17 minutes.
6. Remove from oven, roll it up while warm
7. Mix the chestnut purée and sugar well, add the vodka vanilla. Whip the cream until thick. Mix the
cream and chestnut mixture together.
8. Unroll the swiss roll and peel off the greaseproof paper. Spread the chestnut cream on the sponge and
roll up tightly.
9. Refrigerate for at least one hour and ready to serve.

teriyaki chicken thighs 照燒鷄配芹菜

teriyaki chicken thighs 照燒鷄配芹菜

這是參考了雀后的做法,但我用焗爐做,我加了芹菜,風味更好,所以有少許不同 You will need: Six chicken thighs (or four chicken legs) One onion, sliced One bunch of Chinese celery, cut into 2 inches piceces Sauce for the chicken Brown sugar 1 TB spoon Cooking wine 1 TB spoon Light soy sauce 2 TB spoons Mirin […]

Hong kong egg tarts

Hong kong egg tarts

  Ingredients For the pastry (makes approx 20 tarts) 撻皮是参考了簡易食譜何太的份量,但做法有少許變化。 我就加咗D鹽,加咗D醋。 225g of plain flour, plus extra for dusting 125g of butter, cubed 48g of caster sugar one small egg, beaten a few drops of vinegar (vinegar helps prevent the formation of gluten which makes for […]



年紀越來越大,對過去的事物難免有所懷緬,尤其是那些年的信,其實不想忘掉, 因為,世界上沒有無緣無故的愛……愛是快樂的!















Be good and be happy!



You were wrong to say that I don’t need a friend like you! To be honest, I like you very much. You are just my type of girl. May be I am not good enough for you. It’s too bad! It’s so difficult to find someone of my type. I always believe that I am only 19, not 29. When I am with you, I feel that I am only 19. The feeling is good. Do you really think that we are so different? Please don’t say that you don’t understand me and I don’t understand you! No one in this world can understand everything. No one can understand himself perfectly.

You are right that I should forget the past. I am trying! I am really trying! Please help me. May be I need a little help from my friend.

I begin to understand why I am so sad and lonely and why I find life meaningless. There is no target in my life. I don’t know what I want and I don’t know what I am working for. When I was a student,my target was to pass all my exams. When I had a wife, my target was to support my family. But now…? May be I have nothing to work for.

To be honest, my son is not very smart. His school work is very poor. I tried but I couldn’t help him. In fact, he is the biggest obstacle for me to forget my past! He is also the biggest obstacle for me to start all over again. It’s very sad that it happens to me! Do you think that I am rather unfortunate? Well, sending him to a boarding school is a way. May be there is a better way!

Do you think that I am looking for something that doesn’t exist anymore? Do you think that I should be more practical! Oh, it’s getting too philosophical. I am a dreamer, I just cannot be too practical.

“Gone with the wind” is a good movie. But can you find just ONE person who is happy in the movie? Very funny, no-one is happy in the movie! May be that is why it’s a good movie. It reflects life! Life is unhappy. And we are trying to find short moments of happiness. Do you agree?

By the way, please do let me take you for a ride on my motorcycle next time. I like that very much.

Yes, I like this beautiful world. But it is something to be shared, not enjoyed just by myself or by anyone alone.

I love writing letters to you. Do you like writing letters to me? May be you should tell me more about yourself in your letters! Just write down what you feel about things happening around you, you can write about school, friends, anything at all! Just write what you want to write.

I am trying to be happy. I must try to be happy. I cannot go on like this. It’s destroying me. I must try to be happy again! Can you help?

Oh! Another long letter! I have so much to say! But have you turned “off” your ears? Can you write me a long…long letter? Please do!

If our troubles and sadness are all “gone with the wind”, it would be so nice!

May our dreams all come true!



Maybe you are right that I can only understand a little bit of you. Sometimes, I feel that you are rather mysterious. I am happy that you can understand a little bit of me too!

Sometimes, I really don’t care if it’s right or wrong…if it makes me happy. I will just do it. Maybe I will feel sorry afterwards. But I don’t care. A moment’s happiness may cause a lot of troubles and unhappiness, but who cares? I don’t care! Do you? Well, I only believe in today. Yesterday is dead and gone and tomorrow is a big mystery!

Yes, I can accept new ideas, fashionable behaviour. Anyhow, I am anti-tradition. We don’t have too much freedom in this society. You know, “tradition” is killing me. Is it killing you too? Hell with tradition! I am not going to let it bind me, are you?

There is a chapter in a F.3 EPA book which talks a lot of family in the society. I talk a lot about what is right and wrong in class. Shit, I must be lying. I must be cheating myself! The students don’t care anyway.

It’s really sarcastic that the teacher who talks a lot about society is in fact, himself, anti-social!

In fact, I don’t know what I am doing now. No one is interested in finding out anyway! Maybe I am interested to know what you are doing now and what you are going to do in the future.

I am rather easily satisfied “materially” but not “spiritually”. It’s an impossible situation. My elder brother could find a new girl friend very easily. But NOT me! The problem is… I am not interested in just any girl. I am just a little bit stubborn. Hope I will change.

Yes, you can try your best to find a bright future. But… what do you mean by a “bright” future? A lot of money? A good family? A lot of education?

Life can be very complicated and it can be very simple too! It just depends on how you look at life.

Life is very simple to me! Is it simple to you? I am only looking for simple happiness, are you?

Those who think a lot are usually unhappy. I think a lot, you think a lot… That’s the reason why we are unhappy.

Well, I just want to live for today now!

Friends are very important. I agree. But old friends are disappearing and it is very difficult to meet new friends. Maybe just another impossible situation!

Right now, I am trying to give up taking sleeping pills. Hope I can do it!

Right, we are still friends now. Of course, I don’t know what will happen in the future. Maybe we will become very good friends in the future! Who knows? Anything can happen!

Sure, I can understand your letter. Maybe it’s the letter I like most. It’s honest, sincere and “wonderful”!

But, in a society like Hong Kong “sincerity” has become something so difficult to get. It’s simple but sometimes impossible to expect from a friend.

It’s a strange world.

I haven’t had any dreams for a long time. How I wish I could have a sweet dream tonight! Hope I can find what I am looking for in my dream!

“Only fools are happy”! We are not fools, and therefore we are not happy! Good! A very good explanation!

Good night! Clever girl!


To: You


我嗎?誠實?哈哈哈,大部份時候都算吧!我就一定是天真,再加無限的搗蛋,簡直是女版周伯通,有些可怕吧! 浪漫?我就是喜歡玩神秘,猜測太有趣了。孩子氣?我一定有噢,加點粗獷的男子氣,真更棒。說笑,太合我的性格了,做人一定要講笑才會更快樂。分享笑話,分享更多快樂。人生是可以精彩,充實和快樂的。做人真不需要過份的嚴肅,真的認同你的“問心無愧”,這是我做人的口號呀!

OMG, you wrote “clever girl”. I think I am going to remember that for the rest of my life. 信不信你,你却給了我無限的自信,我以後會很自以為是,日日覺得自己“好似幾醒”, 感激你的善心!

我呀?看看外頭的花花,草草,樹木就足夠開心了, 人在草木間,就是茶!哈哈,我愛茶,原因是這樣嗎?一杯清茶,一顆真心,茶清夢好!再加上美食,嘩,Life is beautiful!

我不需要很多的錢,但如果自家只要是經濟獨立,就可更自由自在吧!ABBA 那首歌 “money,money, money”,發人深省,其實有錢也是無妨的,但我認為心中富有,應該是我的人生目標。

Queen 那首名曲 “Bohemian Rhapsody”, 那一句詞 “I sometimes wish I’d never born at all”, 我想不少人都會認同這句歌詞。







你有看 Becoming Jane 電影嗎?到了他們一定要分開的一幕,Tom asks Jane if she loves him, and she replies, “Yes, but if our love destroys your family, then it will destroy itself, in a long, slow degradation of guilt and regret and blame.” 這故事怎不令人痛心?真是牽動人心的好戲!Jane Austen 一生單身,只能在筆下的Pride and Prejudice寫個圓滿的結局,對,現實不可能的,筆下是無所不能!






若無相欠,怎會相見?離合聚散,各有定時。生命有限,依然要笑容燦爛。 (跳躍生命線金句)







一直都不停看網上别人分享美食製作,近期跟了馬友,他真的很令人發笑,他的食譜還可以噢,我發現他有你當年的影子(他有著你不整齊的頭髮和牙齒), 看見他,我相信大部份人是會開心的。

You create your own happiness.