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Taiwanese Pouchong Tea 台灣包種茶

Taiwanese Pouchong Tea 台灣包種茶

Pouchong Tea is one of the famous tea in Taiwan, but I still prefer Oriental Beauty. One morning I was having a severe headache. I didn’t want to suffer and stay indoors all day.  Suddenly I remembered I had some Pouchong tea in the cupboard so I brewed a cup thinking it wouldn’t do me any harm. Soon after drinking the tea my pain had almost gone. That was quite a new discovery.


話說有朝起床後就感到頭痛萬分,想起有些台灣原片包種茶包,嘩,咁方便,不如冲杯飲,估唔到剛飲完,頭已開始不痛了,真神奇! 㸃解之前冇人話我知?





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