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Her little world

Her little world

One day after work I spotted a young girl alone standing outside near our shop and the church. Being me (as a dragonmama), I went up to her and asked “Are you alright?” Unexpectedly she replied “No” and she broke into tears. I asked her “I always see your dad walk you and your brother to school in the morning, where are they? Why are you here all by yourself?” She told me that her mother upset her and she had run away from home. I said, ” Don’t worry I will walk you home, your mother will be pleased to see you.”

On the way to her house she told me that her dad had split up with her mother, and she was really missing him. I asked if she had any grandparents or relatives who she could talk to if she was in trouble again, and warned her to be careful about strangers if she is ever alone on the street. I told her if she got upset again that she should just go to her bedroom and keep herself busy by either doing some homework or reading a book. When everyone calms down you will be fine, or you can try to talk to your dad.

When we nearly arrived at her house, we met her mother as she was walking into town looking for her daughter. I said goodbye to the girl, and her mother asked me what her daughter had told me. I said ” Not much “…

I hope she will be in good care with her family. I wish her little world to be a happy one.

Days later I met her dad in town and he thanked me for walking his daughter home. Her daughter did talk to him and they were having a meal in a restaurant later that day.

We all have our moments of sadness sometimes,  if we just hang on we will be okay soon. Trust me, because I am the dragonmama who has over half of century of bad experiences !