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Crêpe with or without primrose (you)


1.  60g of  plain flour

2.  One egg

3.  5g of sugar

4.  Pinch of sea salt

5.  180g of milk

6.  15-20g of butter for frying

7.  Primula vulgaris optional

8.  Sugar and fresh lemon juice to serve, or any fresh fruit/ice cream etc


1.  Mix the ingredients(1 to 5) into a smooth thin batter, and rest for 15 minutes

2.  In a small or medium pan melt a small lump of butter over medium heat.

3.  Pour about three to four table spoons of batter evenly onto the pan, swirling it to evenly coat. You can place the flowers on the batter now.

4.  Cook 2 minutes, then flip over and cook another minute or so until both sides turned golden colour.

5.  Serve with sugar and fresh lemon juice, or any fruit/ice cream of your choice.

配糖與檸檬汁,有點甜帶些酸,恰如你與我,絲絲回憶真的有點甜,不能再遇真的帶些酸溜溜的感覺。這就是人生,不盡完美但仍很美!記得你曾説 “世界很美,與人分享就更美!”


2020年4月4日,是日清明, 百感交集!


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