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Month: October 2020



天空是一片藍 生活難免有些難 我在園中種了些劍蘭 道別了紫色的劍蘭 充滿著笑容粉紅著臉的紫羅蘭又再與我相會 苦難與歡樂都會過去 從苦中學會了堅強,緊記著充滿樂趣的每一段光景 那有時間心碎,已樂得心也醉了 生活怎能不令我感動 天空是一片蓝 生活难免有些难 我在园中种了些剑兰 道别了紫色的剑兰 充满着笑容粉红着脸的紫罗兰又再与我相会 苦难与欢乐都会过去 从苦中学会了坚强,紧记着充满乐趣的每一段光景 那有时间心碎,已乐得心也醉了 生活怎能不令我感动



只要有李 很多人都想做一位有權有勢的當權者 我寧願退入深山做一個避世者 有理冇理,有你冇你 我已經不在乎了 就算沒有理、沒有你 我只愁沒有李 只想過著李子柒的田園生活 種一些李子樹 先賞李子花,然後採下李子爽著品賞李子 做一些李子醬、李子糕、李子乾 世上有理說不清,冇你也要接受 只要我有李,人生就不只是一場空   只要有李 很多人都想做一位有权有势的当权者 我宁愿退入深山做一个避世者 有理冇理,有你冇你 我已经不在乎了 就算没有理、没有你 我只愁没有李 只想过着李子柒的田园生活 种一些李子树 先赏李子花,然后采下李子爽着品赏李子 做一些李子酱、李子糕、李子干 世上有理说不清,冇你也要接受 只要我有李,人生就不只是一场空



How can anyone not mention covid-19?

Flu like symptoms:

Day one

I was a bit under the weather, but the world changed a lot nothing is normal nowadays. I knew I needed to book a covid test slot.  Bed would be my best friend for the next few days. Honeysuckle tea was on the top of my drink list.

Day two

I couldn’t taste anything, I had lost my sense of taste. So glad my sense of humour had stuck with me. So I didn’t feel lonely at all. Still no test slots available.

Day three

It’s true that you don’t have to have children…..there are only two things that you can’t avoid in life: death and taxes. You just pay your taxes and die.

I’m so fortunate to be blessed with a not so clever child, but he’ll do just fine. Fastest fingers first, he managed to grab me a test slot.

Off I went for my test. I felt like I had won the lottery. As it turned out I was the only person being tested at the entire showground. It suddenly dawned on me – no wonder the numbers of confirmed daily cases were under tens of thousands. Test done within one minute. Words could not express my appreciation.

Went home, time to restart my life as a dishwasher.

Day four

Rolled out of my bed, cooked some soup. My sense of taste had come back to me. OMG, can you relate to my happiness of lost and found?  It was the most amazing soup I’d had for a long long time. For a moment I was wondering,” who cooked that soup?” Suddenly I thought of my late mother and the soup she used to cook. I was in tears.

Day five

I had the yummiest tasty orange today, it was sweet and full of different layers of flavours.

I guess most of us don’t like waiting, and the game of waiting is the game that I hate the most. The waiting continued…

Day six

The result was back in the morning, it came back in just under 64 hours. It was negative!

My friend Sam messaged me that she had tried for hours to book a test slot online without any success. She had gone bananas.

From now on, the only people that I’ll see and talk to will be the select few who really truly matter to me.