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How can anyone not mention about covid-19?

Flu like symptoms:

Day one

I was a bit under the weather, but the world has changed a lot nothing is normal nowadays. I knew I needed to book a covid test slot. From now on bed would be my best friend for the next few days. Honeysuckle tea was on the top of my drink list.

Day two

I couldn’t taste anything, I had lost my sense of taste. So glad my sense of humour had stuck with me. So I didn’t feel lonely at all. Still no test slots available.

Day three

It’s true that you don’t have to have children…..there are only two things that you can’t avoid in life: death and taxes. You just pay your taxes and die.

I’m so fortunate to be blessed with a not so clever child, but he’ll do just fine. Fastest fingers first, he managed to grab me a test slot.

Off I went for my test I felt like winning the lottery. As it turned out I was the only person being tested on the entire showground.  It dawned on me that no wonder the numbers of confirmed daily cases were under ten of thousands. Test done within one minute. Words could not express my appreciation.

Went home, time to restart my life as a dishwasher.

Day four

Rolled out of my bed, cooked some soup. My sense of taste had come back to me. OMG, can you relate to my happiness of lost and found?  It was the most amazing soup I’d had for a long long time. For a moment I was wondering who cooked that soup! Suddenly I thought of my late mother and the soup she used to cook. I was in tears.

Day five

I had the most yummy tasty orange today, it was sweet and full of different layers of flavours.

I guess most of us don’t like waiting, and the game of waiting is the game that I hate the most. The waiting continued…

Day six

The result was back in the morning, it came back just under 64 hours. It was negative!

My friend Sam messaged me that she had tried for hours to book a test slot online without any success. She had gone bananas.


From now on, the only people that I’ll see and talk to would be the selective few who are really truly matter to me.





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